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We are Agile Optimizers

We help you identify exactly what you want and the fastest way to get there. Snowbird Agility brings scalability, repeatability, and Agile maturity to your entire organization.


  • Agile Transformation. Increase transparency, identify and improve workflow inefficiencies, resulting in a happier, more productive workplace.
  • Agile Optimization. Foster long-term implementation and sustainable workflows. Our Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Release Train Engineers (RTEs), Solution Train Engineers (STEs), and Agile PMO support provides the necessary infrastructure to sustain and improve upon your existing Agile implementation.
  • Training & Certification. Establish industry-proven practices through individual and organization-wide training and certification. We provide custom, hands-on workshops as well as SAFe® Certification training.


  • Our holistic mindset-process-technical solutioning fosters organizational success. By creating an environment where all work is defined, understood, and visible – across the organization – we unlock motivation, enabling relentless improvement.
  • Our experience in small, medium, and large-scale organizations gives us unique insights to extend your Agile PMO. These implementations are successful because they are informed by our unique experience with organization, process, and toolset
  • Combined with your organization’s ecosystem and operating conditions, we tailor the approach to enable quick wins and advance your organization’s Agile maturity.


  • Are you delivering consistent metrics and reporting across teams, programs, and/or business units to your leadership?
  • Do you have a fully transparent connection between your vision and all the work being implemented upon throughout your program(s)?
  • Are you confident in your deliverables beyond the next sprint or quarter? Do you have a long-term, data-driven roadmap informed by teams’ inputs?


  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Snowbird Agility quickly identified and addressed pain points in the existing Agile implementation in an organization with 6 teams of teams comprising 25 composite teams. Our continued involvement streamlined toolsets and practices, aligned expectations throughout the program, and set the stage for cross-departmental collaboration for Agile excellence.

  • Northrop Grumman: Snowbird Agility facilitated the transformation of an entire sector’s process toolkit. This brought the documentation current, improving readability and usability, resulting in its increased usage by over 1,000%.

  • Verimatrix: Snowbird Agility implemented a successful long-term enterprise transformation across an organization having 20 development teams located in 6 countries. Releases increased predictability by more than three-fold and the culture shifted to one of trust and respect, which resulted in happier, more productive employees.


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