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Agile Transformation Focused on Business Outcomes

Transformation can apply to the way your team operates, the way the entire organization functions, and everything in between. To be more agile, the team must be nimble in how value is delivered and responsive to customer needs. Here at Snowbird Agility, we pride ourselves in focusing on the tried and true Principles behind the Agile Manifesto to optimize any workflow. Whether a single team wants to implement scrum or the company decides to modify its processes, Snowbird Agility can help put you on the path to a successful transformation.

Leadership commitment is key to a successful transformation. Insufficient investment of time and resources leads to stagnation, resulting in initiatives becoming stale. It becomes easy for leaders to back out and focus on other priorities. At Snowbird Agility, we work with the organization to identify the weak points and bottlenecks, optimizing workflows to illustrate to leaders and the rest of the organization that the changes add value.

The initial investment should be dedicated to swift action, moving to inform and educate in a short period of time. Quick wins lead to more buy-in and commitment. The agile transformation is a journey. Snowbird can help by collaborating with your team to develop a strategy for long-term sustainment or work alongside your team every step of the way.

Like most engagements, our clients want to see KPIs or OKRs to indicate progress for their consulting investment. Some objective measures we leverage include time to market, predictability, and defect reduction. Our clients also find value in subjective measures such as happier more motivated employees, transparency, and productivity.