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Snowbird Agility was founded with the passion to improve the lives of those wanting to build products without limits. We believe people want to innovate, create, and deliver value. We also believe organizations want to provide the environment that enables them to do so.  Our mission is to help improve workflows and instill a culture of continuous improvement resulting in happy employees and delighted customers. We want to empower government agencies to become more agile, productive, and creative – to drive efficiency and innovation to better serve American communities around the country.

We believe in the mission of our government clients and support their work by working with leaders to improve the flexibility, scalability, and productivity of their workflows and value streams.  We help simplify complexities, streamline communication, instill a culture of continuous improvement, and provide robust support as we work with their teams to deliver solutions that directly benefit the American people.

We do this through our comprehensive range of services and toolsets, which lead to work-life balance and happier employees.  Through our diverse suite of services, we bring effectiveness, creativity, and lasting impact to all of our customers and their customers alike.

Meet Sharon and Ron, the driving force and co-founders of Snowbird Agility.  They have a passion to bring their skills in transformation, efficiency, and organization to improve value delivery with all customers.  Sharon’s entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership motivates her to better lives across America by improving user experience for the people through refining efficiencies in the Government.  Ron’s robust background in project, program, and compliance management, and adept direction of our intricate infrastructure, serve as the backbone of our operations.

Together, they have great success in aligning organizational culture to the Agile Mindset, building out business agility, removing impediments and inefficiencies, and motivating federal agencies.  With Sharon’s expertise and highly collaborative ability to build relationships and Ron’s background and technical prowess, their strategic vision and experience empower Snowbird Agility to innovate and thrive across a multitude of areas of business in today’s modern business climate.

Snowbird Agility Values

To ensure quality and excellence in all that we do, the following
principles are ingrained in our DNA:

Generosity and integrity are foundational to our way of work​
Servant leadership is key to empowerment ​
Intention and transparency are essential to our approach​
Continual learning deepens organizational and personal skillfulness​
Teams excel through camaraderie, trust, and collaboration​