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Snowbird Agility was founded with the passion to improve the lives of those wanting to build software without limits. We believe engineers want to innovate, create, and deliver valuable products. We also believe the organization wants to provide the framework that both enables them to do so and stays out of their way.

Our mission is to help companies improve their workflows, resulting in happy employees and delighted customers. We do that through implementing Agile which, when done well, offers work-life balance and results in hyper-efficient teams. These teams execute upon well-defined company priorities, delivering what customers want.

Our team is made of seasoned Agile practitioners. We have proven experience transforming company practices and processes to enable real and lasting change. Our track record demonstrates our ability to help companies, from startups to large corporations, to scale processes to suit their needs. This is accomplished while also ensuring teams feel valued and instilling a culture of relentless improvement.

Sharon​Sharon is a visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit, impassioned by seeing people’s lives improve. She thrives in making organization out of chaos, removing impediments and inefficiencies, reducing delay to alleviate frustration for employees and customers alike.

Highly collaborative with a natural ability to build relationships, Sharon has a strong track record in enterprise agile transformations throughout the organization hierarchy and across areas of business.

Sharon founded Snowbird Agility with the goal of bringing her expertise to the public sector with the intent to help improve user experience and inefficiencies for the Government agencies.

Want to experience the benefits of Snowbird Agility for your organization? Contact us today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.