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Government procurement at Snowbird Agility is rethinking how to be smarter, more efficient, and rapidly innovative. Two things we highly value are simplifying things and communicating effectively. Our objective? To assist government agencies in simplifying technological procurements by adopting Agile concepts that are well-known and loved in the IT sector.

This requires a paradigm shift in how RFPs are typically handled, with the goal of taking them far beyond more than simple FAR compliance; they can also serve as a mechanism to crowd-source industry knowledge, enabling the government to get the most out of their budget without incurring additional expenses.

Our unique approach is this:

  • Clarity is King: Move from the thick, jargon-filled paperwork of the past to clear, Agile-focused requirements. Because of this adjustment, the government and offerors are now on the same page, speeding up the whole procurement process.
  • Rapid Assessments: Offer evaluation is simpler and easier, enabling the government to choose the best offer without getting caught up in superfluous details.
  • Start Running: Upon award and contract, the winning team starts execution immediately by incorporating backlog generation from the RFP solicitation and offer, drastically reducing ramp-up time.

We strive for a future where:

  • Quicker implementation is a reality, where drafting RFPs is seen as an advantage, not a burden.
  • A procurement process better suited to today’s fast-paced demands resulting from the swift shrinking boundary between planning and doing.
  • An abundance of competitive, high-quality bids emerge from a better and more practical grasp of project requirements from the start.

Put simply, Snowbird Agility is more than a business; it brings a paradigm shift for how the government can buy goods and services. We are deeply committed to making this vision a reality, enabling government agencies to accomplish their missions more efficiently and with increasing value. Together, we can make procurement a snap.